GNSS Antenna Calibration Tool

This online tool allows you to upload static RINEX observation files of your Base and Rover station to obtain a positioning solution and an ANTEX file of the rover antenna.

Please note that the base station requires to use an already calibrated antenna. If the base antenna corresponds to an ANTEX entry in the IGS I14.ATX file, the name must be specified in the RINEX header meta data. Otherwise, an own ANTEX file can be submitted as well and the antenna name can be specified separately.

Before uploading data, make sure that you read the explanations and instructions page here: Instructions

Detailed descriptions of the applied methods can be found in the article A. Krietemeyer et al. 2022, Sensors (submitted).

You can start the upload procedure here: Upload RINEX files

Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions or remarks.